Introducing Brokers

ADMIS takes great pride in the wide range of exceptional support that we provide to more than 195 Introducing Brokers. Our services and operations are continually updated to ensure that our IBs have the latest in technology, research, execution, clearing and back office support that is available in our industry. Our commitment to solid and ethical business practices is unwavering.

We invite you to learn more about our Introducing Broker program.

Clearing & Execution

ADMIS combines superior execution with clearing and settlement, all backed by some of the finest back office service in the industry.

Research & Market Info

Our experts are continuously collecting and gathering research on the markets to help make sense of the big picture.

Business Development

We provide our vast marketing and business expertise to IBs looking for a hand in bringing their game to the next level.

Trading Platforms

We offer a number of cutting-edge platforms, tailored to fit the trading styles and requirements of different audiences.

Managed Program

ADMIS is committed to helping investors achieve portfolio diversification, including asset allocation and optimization.

Financial Strength

Strong and well-capitalized, ADMIS is a firm build on financial stability that can navigate market situations with ease.

Trade execution and clearing support services at ADMIS are extensive. Here is a brief overview:

Electronic Order Entry

Introducing Brokers and their customers choose from a list of sophisticated trading platforms, each of which can be tailored to their specific trading styles. Electronic orders are routed with top speed and accuracy, and fills are reported within seconds. Our trading platforms offer many other features including depth of market, real-time quotes, charting capabilities, marked-to-market account information and the viewing of working, open and filled orders as well as open positions.

Clearing Support

The ADM Investor Services back office is well-known for providing some of the finest customer service in the industry. Personal support is given to each client by our experienced, professional staff.  Secure, timely and accurate information is available through our innovative MemberSite where a client can access their daily equity run, statement, preliminary report, and market research, as well as our proprietary margin calculation tool.  Many reports are interactive and customizable for easy export to Excel.    

Clearing Memberships

ADM Investor Services is an exchange member of CME Group; the Minneapolis Grain Exchange; ICE Futures US; ICE Futures Canada; ICE Futures Europe; OneChicago; Dubai Mercantile Exchange; Montreal Exchange; Nodal Exchange; London Metal Exchange; NYSE Euronext and LCH EnClear. We are also clearing members of the CME Group; Minneapolis Grain Exchange; Options Clearing Corp; ICE Clear US; ICE Clear Europe and LCH.Clearnet.

ADM Investor Services provides Introducing Brokers with extensive, proprietary and expert analysis of all actively traded futures markets. Our in-house research staff is comprised of some of the most well-known and respected analysts in our industry. They also work closely with top research consultants to provide brokers with timely and accurate information.

Highlights of what we provide to IBs who clear exclusively through ADMIS include:

 Daily Fundamental and Technical Market Commentary on: Currencies | Financials | Metals | Livestock |  Grains | Softs/Exotics | Energies | Economic/Stock Indices

  Daily Audio Commentary on the Financial and Agricultural Markets
  Daily Morning Conference Call on Ag Markets
  Daily End of Day Market View Report
  Weekly Import and Export Reports

  Weekly Market Summaries

  USDA Yield and Production Report Analysis

  Supply and Demand Tables

  Commitment of Traders Tables

  Cattle-on-Feed Report Analysis

  Professional Weather Analysis

  Crop Condition Reports

  Intra-Session Market Updates via Email

  Market Outlook Meetings

  Trade Strategy Consultation and Recommendations

  Marketing Advice for Agricultural Hedgers

  Seasonal Charts

  Hightower Historical Chart Library

In-House Analysts

At ADM Investor Services, expert fundamental and technical analysis is an essential part of the full-service research program we have developed. Led by Steve Freed, one of the most respected fundamental grain analysts in the industry for over 25 years, our research department also includes a staff of industry veterans. Ryland Textor is our Livestock and Dairy analyst, Roberta Kabot is our Commodity Market Specialist, Michael Niemiec is our Grain Research Analyst and Alan Bush is our Senior Financials Analyst.

Outside Consultants

To further enhance our research services, ADMIS contracts with some of the top consultants in the futures industry to provide our clients with the most comprehensive market analyses available. We work extensively with The Hightower Group and receive their complete daily and weekly analysis of all US financial and commodity markets along with Special Situation reports that we transmit directly to our clients. We are also proud to offer our IBs no-cost access into The Hightower Group’s online Historical Chart Library, an invaluable resource for trading strategies, trends and market information for all futures contracts.

We also utilize Moore Research for all of our Seasonal Charts we provide to our IBs.

ADMIS also has direct relationships with some of the most trusted weather analysts in the futures business, and in turn we incorporate their expert recommendations into the reports given to our IBs. They have access to a large database of weather charts and trends through our secured and exclusive login section on this site.

For more information on our Research services, or to ask for a free 30-day trial subscription to view our research reports, send us an email at We would be glad to let you sample our information.

At ADM Investor Services, we believe the formula for our success must include healthy and growing Introducing Broker affiliates. To assist our IBs with their business, we supply tools to help them develop and grow in many different areas. Some highlights include:

Strong Financial Foundation

With an equity capital of $277 million (Dec 2013), we provide IBs with financial security and the ability to attract financially savvy customers who require a well capitalized clearing firm.  Click here for the ADMIS Annual Report.

Annual Broker Conference

19 years and counting! A weekend conference is held each year exclusively for ADMIS Introducing Brokers that helps our IB network expand all aspects of their business. Programs include expert market research presentations, sales and marketing sessions by professional sales trainers, and new technology platform previews. Past conference locations include Chicago, Las Vegas, Phoenix, New Orleans, San Antonio and Nashville.

Marketing Support

We work closely with our IBs to help them develop creative and successful marketing programs for their businesses.

Some of the marketing programs we offer our IBs are:
  Free access to extensive expert market analyses published daily, weekly and monthly
  Free use of one of our expert market analysts to speak at their client seminars
  Free access for brokers and clients to monthly educational webinars
  Free access to educational pieces and Special Reports for current and prospective clients
  Many other programs that support the advertising and business development objectives of our IBs